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Established in 1892, Harmony is warmly remembered by many musicians as their first guitar - the one that got them started and nourished a deep love of music.

From when Sears bought the company out in 1916 until the mid-’70s, Harmony produced more instruments than any other company in the world under its brand name and others like Silvertone.

Harmony made fretted instruments accessible and welcoming - with products ranging from archtops, flat-tops, electric Spanish, Hawaiian bodied guitars, to ukuleles, banjos, mandolins, violins and more.

This new era of Harmony is heralded by a connection to the past, refreshed for the modern player. We are delighted to introduce our new range of guitars and amplifiers.

Whether you need something new or want to recapture a bygone era, let us help you tell your story.

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New Harmony electric guitars

Electric Guitars

Inspired by the iconic Harmony shapes and sounds of the past, our new range of solid body electric guitars are thoughtfully crafted for the modern musician.

The Harmony Silhouette, Rebel and Jupiter models feature custom voiced gold foil pickups, improved bolt-on construction, beautiful body contours and beveled arm rests for an enhanced playing experience.

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Looking for a reissue? Watch this space...

Harmony Amp

Series 6 Amps

At Harmony, we’ve combined the best techniques of the past and present to create the next generation of Harmony Amps.

Boasting custom hand-wiring, single 12” Jensen speaker, analog spring reverb, tremolo and pull boost, and a unique angled baffle design for a more radiant sound, we've created a tremendously versatile amp to help you craft your sound.

Harmony Model 8418 Reissue

Model 8418

Perfect for intimate settings, the Harmony Model 8418 Reissue is for the player looking for their own piece of the past. Featuring hand-wired construction, 6” Jensen speaker and Italian made Alnico magnet, this reissue gives you that warm, vintage Harmony tone reminiscent of the 50s.

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