Semi-Hollow Body

A key to the signature tone of the collectible H72 has been carefully recreated with an arched top and back.

Original ‘F’ Hole

The instantly-recognizable ‘F’ hole of the H72 is thoughtfully reproduced in the H72 Reissue.

Six-in-Line Headstock

Just like the original H72, the Comet has a unique six-in-line headstock that sets it apart from other semi-hollow electric guitars.

Mustache Gold Foil

Capturing the feel of the original, these mini-humbuckers have the lo-fi capabilities of the past with modern clarity for today’s players.

Cherry Red Finish

The H72 Reissue revives the deep cherry finish that pays homage to the original.

A Faithful Reproduction

We dug out the original blueprints to reimagine the look, feel and soul of this remarkable guitar.

Lexii Lynn Frazier Jams with the Harmony H72 Reissue

Lexii Lynn Frazier takes the H72 Reissue for a spin, showcasing its timeless appeal and warm, vintage tones.