Vanessa Wheeler Introduces the Harmony Jupiter Thinline

Vanessa Wheeler explores the tonal range of the Jupiter Thinline in our signature Space Black and gives us her first impressions.

Curt Chambers Introduces the Harmony Comet Electric Guitar

Pay close attention to how Curt Chambers and his Harmony Comet turn even the most ordinary chords into unforgettable tunes — that's the magic and timeless appeal that this instrument brings to anyone who plays it.

Myles Jasnowski Introduces the Harmony Standard Series

Let Myles Jasnowski’s demo of the Harmony Silhouette, Rebel and Jupiter whet your tonal appetite, and discover why the new Harmony Standard Series is inspiring musicians — now and into the future.

Mia Garcia Introduces the Harmony Juno Electric Guitar

Listen closely as Mia Garcia takes the Harmony Juno from buttery-smooth tone to punchy lead textures, and you might find yourself captivated by its sonic capabilities and powerful sound.